Wig Day – 12/20

I know I’m doing some jumping back and forth on my story, but pretend it’s one of those annoying movies with lots of flashbacks. Today’s story happened the day before yesterday (12/20), and I would have posted it yesterday, but I needed a few pictures to go with it.

I have been feeling pretty decent in the mornings, and have worked from home half a day Weds, Thurs, and Friday. And then around noon I just seem to poop out. So I eat a little lunch, and nap a little, and see how it goes from there.

Thursday, at noon I was tired, but Kevin asked if I’d like to go get pizza at Westside Pizza (2 slices and a soda for only $5… for seniors). That sounded okay. After eating my 1 slice of pizza and giving the other slice to Kevin (because that’s how we roll), we went to a place here in Yakima that supports cancer patients, Wellness House. I had gotten their information from the NorthStar social worker.

Wellness House has support groups and such, but what I was interested in were their free wigs. They have, essentially, a wig lending library. I am told that my hair will fall out, so I figured it might be a good idea to have a wig for “dress-up” occasions. But I also was hoping I’d find one that was some fun color, like blue, or red… why be normal??? The young woman who greeted us as we entered referred us to Eunice, who would be the best at helping with wigs. Eunice, a long time volunteer there, took us to the wig room, which unfortunately, only had normal hair colors. Oh, sometimes they get colorful wigs, but mostly just standard colors. That was a disappointment. To me the standard colors looked so… grandmotherly (please grandmother friends of mine, do not be offended!). The first wig I tried on was too blonde. The next was too dark. The third was dark brown with a few gray hairs here and there…. probably as close to my own coloring as they had. And it was pretty short hair compared to most of the wigs. I didn’t want some crazy long thing. So I settled for it. After all, it’s free. Turns out that it’s a man’s wig!! Here’s another thing I learned about wigs on this day… they have names! The one I got is a “Steven” (even though it doesn’t look a bit like my brother-in-law). Here are some pictures:

Somewhat disappointed with that wig expedition, we decided to go to Yakima Beauty Supply here in town. The social worker at NorthStar had also given me a certificate for $100 toward a wig at this beauty supply shop. The young woman there, was kind, but definitely not the person in charge, and seemed a bit confused about what was available. First of all their supply on hand was low, they are expecting more wigs in a week or two. BUT they did have some colorful wigs! Okay, Seahawks colors… and, sorry my Seahawks friends, not really what I wanted. By now I was thinking dark blue, or red and black, COLOR! The girl showed me their catalog of styles and told me that the catalog is out of date, so I should look online. I sat in the store and scrolled through a wig website online on my phone. Kevin is so patient. I noted a few wig names, and colors, and she said she will look into possibly ordering one for me and call me. If I don’t hear from her I figure I can go back in a few weeks to see what’s new.

I ended the day with a boring, darkish brown, man’s wig (my new friend, Steven). And the hope for something more colorful to come. AND I was definitely all tuckered out.

Author: jbarnescm

Just a regular person, diagnosed with breast cancer 10/2018, making the best of things, and keeping my peeps up to date

7 thoughts on “Wig Day – 12/20”

  1. Well, Steven does look good! It’s close to your regular length. I like how You swooshed the bangs.
    I can’t wait to see how your hair grows back in. I hear that sometimes it goes curly! I wonder if it ever is a different color?


  2. Well, Steven might become a good friend, but I’ve never known you to have curly hair! I figure you can make any length look good considering I saw you go from hair hanging almost to your knees to what you have now. You got this. And the fun hats sound great!


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