Taste – 12/23

My Grandma Callahan would take her first sip of coffee, or her first bite of a meal, and comment with satisfaction “mmm, good.” Especially in the last few months I found myself doing that sometimes too. In anticipation of losing some of my pleasure in flavor I was more aware of flavors and smells… spending just an extra moment to savor the flavor.

Well, I knew it was coming, and it has started… My tastebuds just aren’t as sensitive. Kevin made pumpkin bread the day before yesterday and the bite of fresh warm pumpkin bread didn’t taste like anything. It’s sad, but not unexpected. Oh, and here’s a detail of chemo that is super annoying… my spit is thick, so my mouth feels kind of slimy. To combat the slime what seems to feel good is hot tea… it feels like it washes away the layer of slime. And what tastes good still is salty, cold stuff, like cottage cheese… And citrus flavor is still good… the lime in the guacamole in the tacos last night came through so well. Texture and temperature are what seem to be almost as important as taste now. Cool, or relatively hot, not room temperature, seems best. Smooth textures (yogurt, cottage cheese), or easily crispy (like saltines). Crunchy warm toast with melted salty butter is good. NOT trail mix – wrong temperature, wrong texture. It all so strange…

But not just ANY cottage cheese… Darigold 4% small curd… (this was also a crave when I was pregnant with our twins, go figure)

I’ve eaten a turkey sandwich for lunch almost every day and it still tastes good. There’s enough salt in the turkey, and the texture of the bread, and the coolness of the turkey and mayo all work. I ate half an apple with my sandwich for lunch today and that was good… juicy, some flavor, cool. But it will be trial and error – and potential frustration for my poor chef.

The good (?) news is that sweets just don’t tempt me at all. Maybe I will try ice cream (because of texture and temperature) but it would be sad if the flavor is gone. Mmm… sudden thought… orange sherbet! I’ll have to put that on the grocery list!

I guess we should have titled this post More Adventures in Chemo Side-Effects.
PS: We ate pizza for supper tonight and it was good.
PPS: I got stuff done today… check out the picture below!

As you might recall from my previous post, one of my goals was to clear off and clean off the “drop zone” and put up the Christmas cards. Well, mission accomplished… today. (Teresa, if you are reading this caption, you can see your Spenard Roadhouse postcard up there with the Christmas cards)

Author: jbarnescm

Just a regular person, diagnosed with breast cancer 10/2018, making the best of things, and keeping my peeps up to date

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