12/30 Update

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy! I went to my parents’ home on Christmas Day and stayed until yesterday – lots of family time! I got to spend time with both daughters, as well as meet my first great niece… 2-week-old Madeline Grace (a wonderfully bright-eyed baby who listened intently while I imparted all my wisdom to her). By evening each day I was usually wearing out, but I did pretty well through the day, and stopped taking any nausea medicine midweek.

Here are some things I didn’t expect with this chemo: I feel normal, and have felt normal since about Christmas, other than a little fatigue at the end of the day. My taste has almost fully returned to normal – I thought that once I lost it, it would be gone for the duration. I haven’t lost my hair yet. My fingernails are still growing. I also expected that as my red blood cell count dropped (which I assume it has done, but don’t know for sure) that I would get cold more easily. Still, these are all things that perhaps with each treatment will “bounce back” less and less. But for now I am enjoying some normalcy.

Yesterday I flew home to Yakima from SeaTac. I hear your horrified intake of breath… but be reassured… I was very careful about avoiding germs! After going through security, I sanitized my hands. I bought a bottle of water and hot breakfast sandwich at one of the restaurants there, sanitized my hands, and ate my food. I didn’t sit in the chairs crammed together at the C2C gate, but sat across the concourse from the gate well away from people, and wore my N95 mask. And when my flight was called for boarding I waited until the last to board. And again, I wore my N95 mask on the plane for the 25 minute flight.

Germs were the least of my concern on THAT flight! It was very bumpy to start, less bumpy midway for a few minutes, and then was the roughest landing I have every experienced! There was a cross wind on our landing and the plane was tilting and gyrating as it got closer and closer to the ground. I think it landed on one wheel, bounced up, bounced down, bounced up, and FINALLY steadied itself to a regular landing. I can’t say for sure because my eyes were closed. (Teresa, you would have hated this flight)

Tomorrow is my second chemo session. So today I shall celebrate and appreciate my good health and a beautiful sunny day.

Author: jbarnescm

Just a regular person, diagnosed with breast cancer 10/2018, making the best of things, and keeping my peeps up to date

3 thoughts on “12/30 Update”

  1. That would’ve been scary for anyone!! Glad you had a good holiday with extended family, it always makes a heart lighter ❤️


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