1/10/2019 — I think one of the hardest side-effects of the chemo is fatigue. And it’s interesting what brings it on. In the first days after treatment it’s always there. But then I start off my mornings feeling pretty good, and tire as the day goes on. Last cycle of treatment I felt relatively little fatigue for the second week… just at the end of the day (after 7 or 8 pm) most days. This cycle it’s been a little longer getting to this point. In fact yesterday (Wednesday) was really the first day that I had an almost full day of feeling pretty good.

This fatigue is a weariness that washes over me… exhaustion. And it’s not just a physical tiredness, but a mental exhaustion too. Don’t ask me what I want to eat. Don’t ask me to make any decisions at all. My brain and my body just want to rest.

I have been surprised by what brings on the fatigue. Activity, like walking around the block with Kevin doesn’t seem make it worse, and sometimes even seems a little better. But stress can definitely trigger it. We had the furnace people here on Tuesday, and they were here for several hours. Rosie and Charlie stayed in the bedroom (because they have bad manners) but they barked and barked and barked. By the time the furnace people left I was exhausted, because the dogs were stressing me out. I didn’t expect that stress would cause more fatigue than, say, a hard workout at boot camp used to do. And it can blindside me…. I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay, I am suddenly completely Exhausted!

So tomorrow we are going to become the proud owners of new furnace/AC units. Aren’t we lucky? Our old furnace/AC units were just that, old (and fatigued, haha). 25 years old to be exact. And it turns out that the something-or-other on the motor of the furnace is unfixable and the something pipe has a crack in it. It currently still is producing heat, don’t worry, but it must be replaced. To be proactive, the dogs get to go to doggy daycare tomorrow all day while the HVAC people install all the stuff… and since our house may be without heat for part of the day I will go to my quiet office away from home, at least for part of the day. I am doing what I can to anticipate and avoid stress.

Kevin has been working hard to clear out the furnace room so there is enough space for the HVAC people to do the install tomorrow. Goodbye old furnace!

Author: jbarnescm

Just a regular person, diagnosed with breast cancer 10/2018, making the best of things, and keeping my peeps up to date

3 thoughts on “Fatigue”

  1. Your body is in command, but you know this already. I can’t sleep. I wish I could take some of your exhaution for me. Rest up and dream good dreams. Bless you. Mary Breckenridge


  2. So good that you are self aware enough to notice what is adding to your fatigue, Janet. I think women in general have a tough time with self care. Keep loving yourself! I’m sending good thoughts your way. Peace to you my friend ❤️


  3. Fatigue is an interesting thing… when I went through open heart couple years ago now, I too found myself making adjustments.. you just give yourself permission to take care of you -like you have been doing. Your body tells you what it needs-rest. Healing. And pampering. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. I loved your knitted cap you had on by the way💕


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