A Chemo Day in Pictures

3 or 4 weeks ago I took a bunch of pictures of my typical chemo day. I had every intention of posting “A Chemo Day in Pictures” sooner than this, but it didn’t happen. So now that I’m finished with chemo – here it is… Tah Dah!

Then, I received my pre-chemo meds which make me sleepy and I neglected to take any more pictures for the rest of the day. Sorry. You don’t get to see me eat lunch, nap, eat supper, water the plants, brush teeth, and go to bed early.

But there you have it… a typical day leading up to chemo. I’m done with the chemo now, but I figured since I took the pictures I might as well share them. I’ll do a separate post with “post-chemo” news and pictures… maybe later today, or tomorrow.

Author: jbarnescm

Just a regular person, diagnosed with breast cancer 10/2018, making the best of things, and keeping my peeps up to date

2 thoughts on “A Chemo Day in Pictures”

  1. So glad the chemo is over. Love your blog and the way you have taken us on your journey just like I have carried you in my thoughts & prayers.


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